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Rock Bottom is Where Bad Bitches Are Built

Uncategorized Aug 12, 2021


At times, things happen to us that are beyond our control. When they do, how we respond to them IS within our control!

Some of this weeks episode highlights are:
11:39 There's so much power in, in story and in storytelling. There's meaning, they can be liberating, and they can help take away some of the shame.
21:11 If we spend our lives looking in the rear view mirror that's where a lot of times depression can come from. If we're looking back on either past failures or past losses or past anything, or if we're looking too far in the future and worrying about things yet to come, we're missing out on the present moment.
27:24 This may have happened to me, but it's in my control - what I do with it from here. I'm going to get back up and dust myself off! You may not have had the choice of what happened to you, but you have the choice of how you respond to it, and you have the choice of what comes next for you.

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Dr. Erica...

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The Field Inspector SideHustle

field inspector outdoors Aug 05, 2021

What is Field Inspecting and should you consider Field Inspecting as a side hustle, or a side hustle to your side hustle!

Some of this weeks episode highlights are:
31:38 With any gig job, you want to keep your areas small and you want to build up the volume you need by working for more customers. The efficiencies start to build when you're working for more companies.
34:47 I think that people who fail are those that don't have a high goal or they're afraid to get started. They're afraid to jump in and do the job.
35:11 I noticed people are afraid at the beginning and that scares a lot of them away. I tell people if you really want to build up your confidence, get a pilot's license: learn how to fly!

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Richard Law (00:00):
And then one day you come back and you land the airplane and he says, Hey, you did a great job. And he says, now you got it. He gets out of the airplane and he says, this the day you're going to solo and you're...

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Mental Wellness for Entrepreneurs


Being an entrepreneur isn't always as glamorous as people think it is. Many business owners and founders harbor secret emotional demons that can eat us alive if we don't confront them and build resilience. Dustin Hogan joins us in this episode of The SideHustle Lounge to talk about vulnerability, stigma, and the steps you can take today to cultivate mental wellness.

Some of this weeks episode highlights are:
18:33 We're scheduling in our work meetings, we're scheduling in our zoom calls or scheduling webinars. Why would we not schedule in our downtime or our connection time?
27:34 Depression or anxiety isn't who I am. It's just something that I experienced.
29:42 Lack of sleep is not allowing us to replenish, to rejuvenate, to recharge ourselves, which is leading to more anxiety, depression, stress, and burnout.

--- Full Raw Transcription of Podcast Below ---

Dustin Hogan (00:00):
It's not about trying to fix somebody cause ultimately we're not broken you know? And I often...

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Mastering Amazon by Selling Unsexy Products For Big Profits

amazon inventory Jul 22, 2021

There are new exciting ways to leverage the power of Amazon for your benefit. Today, a story of someone who has turned knowledge and resources into a powerful profit

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Some of this weeks episode highlights are:
14:30 if you're not involved in the third party selling program, you have decided not to partner with one of the largest companies in the world.
28:52 I literally cannot go out in the public and not see opportunity. And when I see the opportunity, I like playing the game. I like solving the puzzle.
49:47 Nobody out there has enough capital to buy all of the inventory necessary to corner this market. It's not possible. Jeff Bezos couldn't even do it. This is why we could bring on hundreds of thousands of new Amazon sellers, show them how to do it the right way. And they're all going to make money because the pie is that big! it's all systems, procedures, and doing what's proven - not...

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How to Escape the Cubicle & Travel the World with Greg Rodgers

lifestyle travel Jul 15, 2021

Traveling around the world isn't just for the rich, famous, and young. Greg Rodgers, a pioneering travel blogger and adventurer, shares his tips for prioritizing your globetrotting dreams today.

Some of this weeks episode highlights are:
4:19 We're used to vacation style travel which is expensive. When you return, your inbox is full and you're punished for taking vacation.
23:00 I'm used to working where and when I like. I'm willing to structure my life so that I can enjoy a location independent way of working.
32:15 Get over your fear. There is a mis-conception that extensive world travel is only accessible to the rich or the retired.

--- Full Raw Transcription of Podcast Below ---

Greg Rogers (00:00):
Usually the good things are on the other side of discomfort. And we have this natural biological tendency to lean away from discomfort. But if you can push through, that's usually where the reward is.

Introduction (00:15):
Welcome to the SideHustle Lounge. If you're looking...

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Why LinkedIn Matters For Your Business and Personal Brand

Hi there!

How you use LinkedIn can increase your ability to connect with others on a more personal level. Knowing how to take advantage of those capabilities gives you a leg up.

Some of this weeks episode highlights are:
12:35 People often are looking for templates to help you know what to say when you reach out. But when it comes to one on one personal business relationships, you can't boil that down to a template.
18:33 Passion is contagious - If you are passionate about what you are doing, you will attract others who are passionate about their work as well!
25:26 Of all social media platforms, the 750 million on LinkedIn are the most educated, informed, and affluent.

--- Full Raw Transcription of Podcast Below ---

Sandra Long (00:00):
The best way to warm people up is to care about them, know about them, talk about them. Absolutely. Love it!

Introduction (00:11):
Welcome to the SideHustle Lounge. If you're looking for flexible ways to earn income, grow your mindset, and live...
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When Your Strengths Become Weaknesses


Understanding ones own strengths and weaknesses is key to working in today's world. Leaning to use, but not overuse your strengths, and deal appropriately with your weaknesses can propel you to new heights.

Some of this weeks episode highlights are:
18:40 Building more efficient and effective communication can improve your sales.
34:53 The four pillars of success: Competence, Confidence, Integrity, and Likability.
38:36 Confidence comes from recognizing your strengths. True competence depends on knowing when and how to use those strengths.

--- Full Raw Transcription of Podcast Below ---

Nancy Patchak (00:00:00):
Being able to be comfortable in the way that you communicate with people who do things differently than you do - that's huge in being successful!

Introduction (00:00:14):
Welcome to the SideHustle Lounge. If you're looking for flexible ways to earn income, grow your mindset, and live the lifestyle you've always dreamed of, you are in the right place. So lower the...

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Got that cabin fever? You're Not Alone! The World is Starting to Book Cruises and Trips to Paradise with Noam Meppen

Uncategorized Jun 23, 2021

Hi there!

Episode#11: Noam is fresh back from Cancun, touring over 13 properties, and he'll share his findings on safety protocol for those with cabin fever. Plus, the cruise industry has taken drastic measures to stay afloat and ready for the next cruise season, post vaccination. This may result in immediate deals, but 2022 may leave the industry with high demand and too few berths, driving the price of cruising up.

Some of this weeks episode highlights are:
5:10 2020 has taught us a lot. Many with 'bucket list' items are now planning future travel. They realize that time can be fleeting. It's now time to plan those bucket list experiences!
8:25 For people who are life long travelers, traveling breaks up the normal day to day routine. They like that diversity and variety of experiences. They use all their senses to build lifelong memories.
20:14 We experienced how well Mexico is handling COVID. Tourism is one of their biggest industries, and North Americans are their...

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Grief After Creative Publication

emotions Jun 17, 2021

Hi there!

There are a myriad of of feelings and emotions that can come as you work on and complete a creative work. Regardless if you are an author, a sculptor, a musician, a visual artist. Regardless if your work is for your own enjoyment or to share with the world, you can feel a variety of emotions as you move through the process. In this episode, we explore that experience.

Some of this weeks episode highlights are:
9:02 The prevailing view is that we live in a materialist society and culture. Intuitive people see our world as more of a living consciousness.
13:10 Western culture gives us the message that "this is the way it is and if you think or feel outside of that, there is something wrong with you." Thats where the problem is!
22:16 We live in a society that is uncomfortable with "negative emotions" - we want to just move on.

--- Full Raw Transcription of Podcast Below ---

Lauren Sapala (00:00):
Your book is not just a collection of sentences and a collection of chapters that...

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The How & Why to Becoming a Wedding Officiant with Sonita Leak, The Marriage Notary

weddings Jun 03, 2021

Hi there!

Believe it or not, becoming a wedding officiant or celebrant is relatively easy to do, depending on the state you live in. Sonita shares her journey from timid notary to thriving, self-confident officiant in today's episode. Vow to take this role seriously, and you can reap the rewards of being a part of the happiest day of your couple's lives.

Sonita's Bio: As one of the National Notary Association’s Notary of the Year Special Honorees for 2019,
Certified and Background-Screened Signing Agent Sonita M. Leak is a mentor to a nationwide group of Notaries Public.

She has changed the Notary game by making it appeal to the masses with her authentic style of Social Media posting.

Sonita was determined, as a single Mother of six children not to fail. With over 5,000 loan, mortgage and other document signings under her belt, she is looked at as an ultimate warrior in the Notary Signing Agent business.

Not only is she a Notary Public, but as one here in the State...

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