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Rethinking Rideshare: Deliver Construction Supplies, NOT People or Food

rideshare services vehicle Oct 21, 2021

For most people, their vehicle is considered a "liability." But you can turn that liability into an asset when you deliver the perfect passenger for Curri: Construction & Industrial Supplies. ALL types of vehicles are welcome and needed on the Curri platform. Remember, "supplies" come in all shapes and sizes! No people, no food. Plus, Curri boasts higher pay than Uber, Lyft, and Amazon. Listen to CEO, Matt Lafferty, talk about the opportunity at Curri.

Some of this weeks episode highlights are:

6:48 Well, I mean, we're essentially augmenting and replacing fleets that distributors and wholesalers have previously had to rely on. And that's the big thing there. They're realizing there's all these cogs that they've had to deal with that don't perfectly match demand all the time. And so having an elastic fleet through Curri allows them to perfectly match their demand with supply when they use it. That's a huge benefit to them and the entire industry.

12:12 Build what...

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Making Better Decisions Using Human Design


Have you ever felt caged? Like you're just going through the motions in life? It might be because you are out of alignment with your strengths and overall purpose. Lise Cartwright joins us again for an introduction into the world of Human Design and how you can use it as a framework for making better life and business decisions. What if the work you did all day was easy and fun? And what if you had unlimited energy to do it?

Some of this weeks episode highlights are:

14:28 For some of us, when you look at this through the lens of your business, it's very much about making sure that anything that you go to create, if that is going to impact other people, you are making sure that you are creating in ‘response’. Let's take your podcast, for example. If I was working with you, and you have this idea to do this podcast, I'd be like, right, can you show me where you saw some signs that this was right for you to do?

31:18 It's very much about showing up and just...

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Is Sugar & Flour Killing Your Dreams?


Losing weight doesn't start in the gym. It starts in the kitchen - and more importantly, it's most effective when we understand why it is that we do what we do, and why we eat what we do. Understanding yourself is key to losing weight and keeping it off. This week we explore this extremely important topic with Doctor Angela Zechmann.

Some of this weeks episode highlights are:

3:34 One of my clients actually said every time I gained all that weight back, it was as if everybody could see that I had once again failed. And it just felt so humiliating! I want people to understand is this is actually not a character flaw! We feel so much shame because we think, well, there's something wrong with us. I want people to understand is that this actually is a disease

13:33 (The Food Industry) Wants to put just the right amount of chemicals and sugar in stuff that we get the maximum amount of pleasure, but not too much. Cause if it's too sweet, you're going to put it away. So...

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Quit "Shoulding" All Over Yourself


Ever feel like you've been waiting for permission to live the life you've always dreamed of? Well, permission is granted on this week's episode with Tara Grieb. We're talking about giving up the idea of living up to someone else's, or even society's, expectations. Tara is an expert that helps people shed their "shoulds" and uncover their inner badass. Tune in for the powerful conversation, and you might want to grab a pen and paper for this one.

Some of this weeks episode highlights are:

15:23 I have to start all over? No, you need to change direction! You're making an informed decision to change direction and starting over implies that you're stripping yourself of all of your stuff. Whereas changing direction is you take with you your experience, your wisdom, your successes and your failures and what you've learned from them, your years on the planet, which brings a lot of depth.

22:10 I think as we age, we become more comfortable in our own skin, some of that...

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Make a Hundred Grand a Year Picking Up Trash


Talk about a simple, yet totally scalable and profitable, business! Parking lot litter clean up could be the solution for the hungry entrepreneur that enjoys being outdoors and cultivating relationships within the real estate industry. Listen to how Brian Winch's dad sparked a movement that became America's simplest business.

Get Brian's Book and System Here

Some of this weeks episode highlights are:

16:47 My competitors come and go over 40 years. The ones that last are the ones that provide that communication and that extra value.

20:20 When I started this business, I had barely graduated high school. I didn't have a lot of money or, or skills. The only things that kept me going when I started was passion, patience, and persistence.

41:48 Why make $15 an hour or so working for somebody else when you can make $30 to $50 an hour doing this for yourself? And it's not that difficult!

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Brian Winch (00:00):

There's a lot of people out...

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Leadership Upgrade: 10 Keys to Become the Leader YOUR World is Waiting For


What if YOU could be the leader you're craving and wishing for your community, household, company...or the world? Author Michael Rowell shares ten fundamental principles of leadership he's learned after 25 years in the business.

Some of this weeks episode highlights are:

8:21 We are a work in progress. We're are always a work in progress. The power to ‘become’ is really one of the most powerful dynamics we can capture as people. We may not be good at something today, we may not have the capacity to function in a particular area today. But if we can capture the power to ‘become’, then we can grow into that tomorrow.

17:44 Some of the greatest leaders that I've seen in my community are the ones who serve others the best. And they are kind leaders, because they put themselves last and they serve everyone.

38:55 We can lead organizations and battleships and communities and countries, but ultimately, all we are ever leading is people. We've got to...

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How to Leverage Your Network to Launch a New Offer, Even with a Small List


Wake up your network and launch your idea to an audience of people that need AND want it. Robbie Samuels is what some would call a “multi-hyphenate.” In his case, this means he's a professional speaker – business growth strategy coach – virtual event design consultant – executive Zoom producer – emcee – podcast host – author – virtual presentation skills trainer, and so much more. Tune in for the exact steps he took to reinvent himself and create a multiple six-figure business in 2020.

Some of this weeks episode highlights are:

10:36 So you can have a great idea, but if you don't have the right audience it won’t work. You could have the best hotdog stand in the world, but if you don't have a hungry audience, it doesn't matter. But, if you have a starving audience, you can have mediocre hot dogs and make millions.

16:34 Kaizen - continuous improvement: It's about being 5% better. Every time you host or speak...

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How Dan Shinder Reaches 5 Million People Per Week and Never Pays for Advertising

growth marketing mindset Sep 02, 2021

Be present, be relevant, and be helpful. Be inclusive, and show what differentiates you from others. It's not hard to do. It's just a matter of knowing how to do it, and being aware. Come learn with us!

Some of this weeks episode highlights are:

18:08 We always need to remain as objective as possible. We have to sit at the grownups table and realize there's always a lot more to learn.

23:50 Always be willing to learn and know that you never know it all.

30:15 Five things to check off in every piece of content marketing: stay present, stay relevant, help others, be inclusive, and position yourself as an expert.

--- Full Raw Transcription Below ---

Dan Shinder (00:00:00):

And that's the thing. Your content, no matter what you do, your content has to be for everybody else. Which leads me to the number one mistake everybody, every brand, every company, every entrepreneur, makes on social media. The secret sauce is to create content that matters for them.

Speaker 2...

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36 Years in Business - The Mindset to Succeed with Phil Shannon

journey mindset success Aug 26, 2021

The entrepreneurial journey is not an easy one. But easy doesn't help us become who we want to become. Your mindset and outlook on challenges can help build the resilience required to thrive in any business for a lifetime. Check out this episode with Phil Shannon and journey of triumph and tribulation in over 36 years in business.

Some of this weeks episode highlights are:

4:06 Lifestyle is so important. People need to be shooting towards a lifestyle that they can produce, that they manufacture, instead of letting lifestyle just happen to them.

22:31 If there's less skin in the game, it's easy to run away once you get that one rejection. And that's where you've got to realize your mission in life, what you're trying to accomplish. So it doesn't matter if people say no, it doesn't matter if people say yes, because as we both know, you can't control results. You can only control activity.

53:59 My Mantra: What the mind can conceive, and believe, it can achieve. You have...

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Two Ways to Build a FingerPrinting Enterprise Right Now

fingerprinting services Aug 19, 2021

Every year, millions of people are required to submit fingerprints for a variety of professional applications, licenses, or services. You can be a "fingerprint roller" that helps make that more convenient. In this episode of The SideHustle Lounge, Helmy El-Mangoury shares his story from being a one man show, to having over 600 fingerprint rolling centers.

Some of this weeks episode highlights are:

7:03 it's all about persistence, just not letting go of that goal - of that dream.

8:26 I'm a list-maker. So I'll make a list and I'll constantly look at this list and I'm like, okay, what should I work on first? Then I prioritize that list and decide what I'm going to work on today. I'll dedicate my efforts to the thing that's right on the top of my list.

24:20 To grow your business - If you're providing a good service - whoever used you is going to recommend you to someone else.

--- Full Raw Transcription Below ---

Helmy El-Mangoury (00:00):

What he did is he actually leased...

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