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Make $1,000 a Month Writing and Publishing E-Books with Lise Cartwright

writing May 19, 2021

Hi there!

The wisdom & knowledge in your own head can be enough to generate an extra $1,000 per month for your family and your dreams. Lise is the author of around 35 books available on Amazon and she'll show you how your experiences and your story can help change lives and make more money. It's easier than you think!

Some of this weeks episode highlights are:
11:40 Writing for me was a natural progression... from writing for other people, to then writing for myself, about things that I enjoy!
16:42 The term "Expert" has to be re-defined! Who is to say that you are not an expert in something that you have experience in? Who would you rather learn from? Someone who has walked the walk, or someone who theoretically understands it?
33:41 Where do you start? Consider what are the experiences that you have that you can share with other people to help them figure things out?

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Introduction (00:00):
The term 'expert' has to be...

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