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From Zero Skills to Self Made Web Designer


You gotta meet Chris Misterek who, after an abrupt divorce, had to find a way to supplement his income. He tought himself web development and design, and quadrupled his W-2 earnings within two years. Now, Chris believes ANYONE can do this work with the right guidance, mindset, and training. Have a laptop? Build a business you can run from anywhere in the world!

Guest Information:

Chris is a self-taught UX/web designer that works for a tech startup in Arizona. BUT, he didn’t start there.

For 13 years he was basically a full-time musician. While he loved his full-time job it became clear that he would need to make more money to support his 3 daughters as a single dad.

That’s when he turned to web design. He started learning everything he could about 5 years ago and then began freelancing in his free time shortly after. That led him to where he is today.

Now, instead of freelancing in his spare time he teaches other people how to take the same path he did at...

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