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Managing Money in the Gig Economy with Supal Vora

financial May 13, 2021

Hi there!

Managing money and creating wealth building systems can be difficult when you're a serial entrepreneur and/or working in the gig economy. Income can be sporadic at times, so we often don't plan too far ahead and then overspend when we're flush with cash. Supal helps remove some of the shame that surrounds that and gives us practical advice we can implement right away. Your sidehustle can absolutely be your wealth vehicle!

Some of this weeks episode highlights are:
15:38 Goal awareness: Writing down your goals, then regularly reviewing them, adjusting, and tracking your progress, makes it 9 times more likely you will achieve your goals.
28:45 Action is the key! Make the decision to act once you are aware of what is needed. Knowledge without action will not make you successful.
31:13 We tend to be eternal optimists. But it's critical to have both a good offense as well as a good defense! Legacy Planning is a critical piece of your plan for success.

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