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A Lifetime of Side Hustles & Fear Busting

fear gardening music Mar 17, 2022

Dr. Fred shares his journey through multiple side hustles, built mainly on passion projects. He shares that profit follows passion, and how to listen to the guiding voice within. Learn about his love of gardening, sustainability, homesteading, and music, in this episode of the SideHustle Lounge.

Guest Information:

“Fiddlin' Fred” Mayer, PhD is a string teacher, ensemble director, instrument designer and builder, and active musical performer. On 5-string viola, an instrument he designed and manufactured, Fred has played with too many bands to mention, none of which anyone has heard of, nor cares about. The only thing that matters is that his music lifts the spirits of those within earshot.

Fred is also an organic farmer, running his own farm operation from 2006-2017 and in addition to his musical activities, has worked at numerous food and medicine producing grows. Lately he has parlayed his organic farming skills to become a garden coach; helping new...

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