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Toto Brings Me Peace of Mind

These two bring so much joy and love into my life! I want to make sure they are healthy AND I want protect my cash and investments.

Toto has made that happen.  Depending on the plan you choose, they will reimburse up to 90% of vet bills. Plus, they make it easy and I don't have to use some stranger as a veterinarian. 

It's simple to use:

  • Choose ANY vet.
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  • Get cash back. 

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Loving Our Pets Shouldn't Cost Us Our Future

At eight years old, my cat Elle (as seen above) suffered an injury that left a rear leg crushed in several places.

I was faced with the terrible decision between a $99 euthanasia, or an amputation that would leave Elle with just three legs and me with a $1,500 vet bill when I could barely pay my rent as it was.

I was in the midst of my darkest hours, both emotionally, and financially, at the time. What would Elle's quality of life be? How could I even scrape up an extra hundred bucks to put her down, much less $1500 to go through surgery? 

After watching YouTube videos of three-legged cats, the answer was clear. They don't even know they're missing a leg! Life as usual. 

It took me over three years to pay that leg off (plus interest on a friend's credit card), but I got to enjoy (usually) my cat, and companion, for another ten years, until she passed away at 18 years old (still makes me sad!).

Having quality pet insurance could have made this decision much easier and definitely would have relieved a financial burden. 

Protect your dream & your savings, get insured. 

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